This site is a tribute to artist, musician and producer
Klaus Voormann

I would like to express my appreciation for Klaus
and his amazing art, as well as his huge
contribution to the music that I love,
none of which would have been the same without him.

Thank you Klaus!

Many of the pictures, videos, etc. are available
in various places on the internet. 
I have tried to compile some of that
information into one location.

As for the photos, they are also from various places
including videos and public domain sources.   If you are the
copyright owner of anything on this site and object to its use,
please email me
here and I will respect your copyright
and remove the item if you request it.

If you have any photos, videos, or anything else of interest relating to
Klaus Voormann and you would like me to add it to the site,
please let me know that as well. 
If you have any additions or corrections to anything
here, again, please email and let me know.

Please visit the official Klaus Voormann site
to see the news, biography,
portfolio and shop!

I have had so much fun putting this site together
and I hope you enjoy your visit!

Thank you for stopping by!
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