Everyone knows that
Klaus's art is legendary.
He designed and drew the cover of
The Beatles 1966
Revolver album
winning a Grammy for his unique
and innovative design. Revolver was
recently voted the
number one album of all time
in a UK poll.
Klaus also painted, along with his friend Alfons Kiefer,
the three Beatles Anthology covers.
These covers are so amazing that many people think
they are designed from actual torn photos and posters!
Can you see Klaus on the Revolver cover?
The three covers together make this fantastic image
Can't find him?  Click here!
More recently Klaus did this cover for
the Norwegian band Turbonegro's release
Scandanavian Leather
(click the image to read press)
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Click here to read
an interview with Klaus
about Revolver
Klaus also recently
painted this amazing Fender bass
for the Swedish rock band
Mando Diao
Art on this page is copyright Klaus Voormann
In 2007 Revolver was
chosen to be one of
six Beatles album covers
to be made into
Royal Mail stamps!
here to see
the all of the stamps.
This is just a small sample of Klaus's amazing art.
To see much more, please visit his
official site.