Klaus has mastered many
styles of art, from his
wonderful pencil drawings
to his amazing photorealistic
oil paintings.  These are just
a few examples of Klaus's
beautiful work.  To see more,
please visit Klaus's
official site
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This is a variation of the original Revolver cover with the Beatles updated to a later time,
and with the images throughout representative of people Klaus worked with over the years.
I own this one and it is fantastic!  The names are listed as:

Paddy, Klaus & Gibson * John & Yoko * Two Pussycats
Phil Spector
* Randy Newman * Twiggy * Van Dyke Parks
Eric Clapton
* Jesse Edd Davis * B.B. King
Klaus Voormann
Keith Moon
* Ravi Shankar
Manfred Mann Band
Jim Keltner
* Dr. John * Billy Preston * Richard Perry * Carly Simon
Harry Nilsson
Art on this page is copyright Klaus Voormann
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