Klaus played with
The Hollies
In the liner notes of
The Hollies 30th Anniversary Collection CD,
Tony Hicks (lead guitarist from
The Hollies) recalls that

the 'Bus Stop' solo was inspired
by one of their fill-in bass players...
Klaus Voormann.
"When Eric Haydock was having one of his
Klaus Voormann
stepped in and he did a live television
show with us, 'Sunday Night At
The London Palladium',
which was a big show at the time.
He must have been around when we were
rehearsing "Bus Stop", 'cause I remember
him playing through the solo with me -
the part where one guitar follows the other."
Clockwise from left:
Bobby Elliott, Tony Hicks, Graham Nash,
Allan Clarke, Bernie Calvert
Klaus bought his first
bass guitar from
Stuart Sutcliffe,
the original Beatles
bass player

He later gave it back
to the Sutcliffe family

The bass was sold
in 1986 at
auction for 9,500
Stuart Sutcliffe and George Harrison
at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg 1961
Klaus's First Bass Guitar
Klaus plays lots of

bass guitar
and flute!

(Those are the ones I know...
there may be more!)
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Klaus played some live shows
with The Hollies and was
asked to join the band
permanently, but he declined
and soon after joined
The Manfred Mann Band.