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Klaus worked a lot with
Harry Nilsson.  He played bass
on at least eight of Harry's
albums, he appeared in two
films, and he is in the great
documentary footage (below)
that was shot during the
making of Harry's album
Son of Schmilsson
This page is dedicated to Harry Nilsson who was,
by all reports, a unique and wonderful person,
and one of Klaus's very close friends.
Klaus and Harry also worked together on other people's projects, along with a great group
of musicians that at various times included John Lennon, Ringo Starr,
Jim Keltner, Jesse Ed Davis, Nicky Hopkins, and many others
You are listening to Harry Nilsson singing
'Without You'
Nilsson Schmilsson
Klaus played on these Harry Nilsson albums
Released in 1971, Nilsson Schmilsson was
Harry's best selling album, reaching #3 on the
charts in February 1972 and remaining there
for a year.  It produced Harry's version of
"Without You" which hit #1, holding that position
for four weeks.  In March of 1972 Harry
received a gold record for Nilsson Schmilsson.
In 1973 he received his second Grammy award
for Best Male Vocal Performance for
Without You.
This is the soundtrack from the film
Son of Dracula starring
Harry Nilsson and Ringo Starr.
(Klaus appeared in the film as a band member)
Release date:  April 1974
Son of Schmilsson was released while
Nilsson Schmilsson was still on the charts.
It reached #12 and remained on the charts
for 31 weeks, also becoming gold.
here to read about a funny incident that
occurred during the recording of one of the
songs for this album.
Pussy Cats was produced by John Lennon in
1974, recorded during the time John was living
in Los Angeles.  Ringo Starr, Keith Moon and
Jim Keltner all played drums on the album.
According to his web site, Harry injured his
vocal cords during the recording session.
Recorded in 1980 in the UK, Flash Harry
was never released in the US.
Flash Harry employed some wonderful
musicians, including Klaus on bass
Mac Rebennack on piano,
and Ringo Starr on drums.
Duit On Mon Dei
Released in 1976.  Harry's first choice for the
title of the album was "God's Greatest Hits" but
that title was rejected by the record company.
This album includes the song
Salmon Falls
which was co-written by Klaus and Harry.

here for the lyrics to Salmon Falls
...Thatīs the way it is...
Released in 1976.
Harry had another dispute with the record
company about the title because they said
it had already been used, but this time he
won and got the name he wanted.
This is the soundtrack for the Popeye film.
Basic tracks were recorded on location by Klaus,
Harry, Van Dyke Parks, Doug Dillard, and Ray
Cooper.  Harry wrote all of the songs, except
for "I'm Popeye the Sailor Man."  Klaus appears in
the movie as Von Schnitzel, the Conductor. 
Please do yourself a favor and watch these wonderful videos filmed during
the recording of
Son of SchmilssonThese videos are a lot of
fun and may give the viewer some insight into Harry's personality
and what it was like to work with him in the studio.

(Klaus plays bass and saxophone in these videos!)
The documentary filming of
Harry Nilsson's album
Son of Schmilsson

With commentary by
Harry Nilsson and
producer Richard Perry

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Here is Klaus on the floor playing the sax!
(From Part 3)
Harry Nilsson Video
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