Named for Klaus's daughter,
Rusha acoustic guitar
is a very unique instrument,
a limited edition design
available only through
special order.
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The beautifully designed headstock features
Rusha in a reproduction of Klaus's own script.
In the photo on the left you can also see the
first of seven stars marking the fret board.
This beautiful guitar was
designed by Klaus and
Stuart Bilcock of
Cassandra Elk Designs.

The unusal design features
a sun and moon and
modified triangular shaped
sound openings, which give
the Rusha a unique sound
and appearance.

Seven stars mark
the fret board and Klaus's
signature is embedded into
the neck at the 12th fret.

The beautifully designed
headstock depicts
in Klaus's own script.

The Rusha is available by
special order only.
For more information or to
inquire about ordering the
Rusha, please
email Stuart Bilcock
at Cassandra Elk Designs.
Klaus's signature is
embedded in the neck at
the 12th fret.
Here is a closer look at the

Notice the custom designed
bridge and
innovative placement and
unusual shaped sound
openings that give
the Rusha a unique
look and tone.

For more information,
visit the
Cassandra Elk Designs
website, or send an
email to Stuart
to ask about special