Klaus on the Vootar:

On this instrument you can play bass and guitar on one neck. Of course that is if you can play the guitar! Four strings bass to a bass-amp and completely separated--four strings guitar to a guitar amplifier. So you can have any effect you desire on the guitar at the same time with no interference--a nice clean bass sound.

I thought this instrument up in 1965. The first instrument was built by the English firm
Vox. Today, together with Stuart from Cassandra Elk instruments Vootar 4 is being developed.

This instrument is particularly useful for when you play in a small band like I did with 
Paddy, Klaus & Gibson so you can accompany the guitarist with bass and rhythm guitar whilst the drummer is freaking out.


(From the Klaus Voormann official website. Thank you!)
In 1965 Klaus designed a
unique, innovative 8-stringed
instrument called the 'Vootar'.

Here are some photos
and a description
of the latest version of this
fantastic instrument
Vootar 4
Klaus playing the Vootar at Cassandra Elk Design Instruments
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